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Sunday, May 14, 2006

A promise never to be fulfilled

In 1987 a little girl is born in Dover, England. Only 16 years later(!) this girl makes, more as less by accident, the most promising debut album is soul I've seen in twenty years.
As Joss Stone later says, the whole project started as a 'side project', and she was a surprised by it's success as the world was to hear her sing.
In 2002 this young girl wins a talent competition with the BBC. Through this she gets in the studio with Steve Greenberg and they started to work on her debut album which will be called Mind, Body and Soul. But working on that album they get the idea of making a cover album which precedes the official debut by half a year: The Soul Sessions.
And, although there are things to be sad about both albums, the major sentiment is: Wow. She could very well become the biggest ever! She is still very young, but with the years and some guiding...........
Then suddenly on Feb 9 2006 a news break: Joss Stone quits singing to pursue a career as midwife! Now, I'm the last to deny somebody the wright to choose his or her own career. But still.........

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