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Monday, May 08, 2006

Nothing But The Blues II

As promised today the second disc of this collection. And, as promised, a second disc dedicated to old Muddy Waters stuff.
About Muddy Waters: McKinley Morganfield was born in the South in 1915. He got nickname Muddy Waters at a young age from one of his (many) sisters. As a young boy McKinley would play all day in a muddy creek just behind their house and would get home dirty. Muddy learnt to play the mouth harmonica at the age of 9 and picked up the guitar one year later. As so many in those day Muddy worked as a cotton-picker on plantations.
Later, when Muddy moved to Chicago, he worked as a truck driver. That is at day time. At nights he would play in the clubs together with people like Tampa Red and Sonny boy Williamson.
After a short while Muddy signed with the Aristocrats label, a predecessor of the famous Chess label. (See this wonderful posting of Bastet & Cowyn's). With this label he, together with people like Willie Dixon and Howlin' Wolf, created a sound we game to know as Chicago Blues.

About the recordings: On disc 1 (see posting yesterday) there is some really old Muddy waters recordings. As a matter of fact. These probably are the oldest Muddy Waters recordings available. These recordings are made before Muddy moved to Chicago. As so many great old recordings these come from the archives of the Library of Congress, and made by the famous Alan Lomax in the Mississippi delta. The first three tracks date from August 1941, the rest is from July 1942.
The recordings on disc 2 are, unfortunately, not dated. But be assured that this is a young Muddy waters. As matter of fact, none of the recordings on any of the 40 discs of this collection date after 1948. This disc got his name after track 5 Little Anna Mea. All these tracks are Muddy originals except track # 1, which is a Robert Johnson composition. Please pay attention to track # 11. This track inspired, many years later, a group of young Englishman to call their band The Rolling Stones.

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