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Friday, May 05, 2006

There it is!

It is said that you will always remember the place, the people you were with and what you were doing when you get some really shocking news. I, for one, has this experience with 9/11 and an older generation has the same thing with the murder on JFK. These events are engraved in our memories.
The same thing happened the first time I heard Stevie Ray Vaughan. In those days I used to frequent a local bar of which the owner was a good friend of mine and an absolute music freak. On Fridays he would spent his afternoon in the local record store listening to every new record. He would by at least 5, but often enough 10 or more records. Friday nights I would go to the bar and wait for closing time. Then we would clean the place up and sit down to listen to music. Old and new.
That night Dorus (that was his name) showed me Couldn't Stand The Weather and told me that this was something I definitely would enjoy. And I did. The guitar playing, the timing.......The next morning I was at the local record store about 10 minutes before they opened. At opening time the shop keeper simply said 'Hello" and let me in. He went straight for the counter and took, from below the counter, Couldn't Stand The Weather, and said: "There it is".

P.S. Dorus and I never figured out why we 'missed' Stevie's first record. But we found a way to make up for this omission.

The password = "scrooge".
Please delete these files within 24 hours. If you like this music buy the album and support the industry


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