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Thursday, April 27, 2006

OTIS! The tragedy

Disc # 3 covers the time period from February 1967 up to the end. Actually beyond the end. The first track is another rarity. It is an announcement from a promo only album from various artist to get kids to stay in school: Stay in school. Don't be a dropout.
Otis made an appearance during the Monterey International Pop Festival on June 17 that year. Together with Jimi Hendrix he was the sensation of the festival. His performance here is generally considered an important breakthrough to a wider (white) audience. Otis had never been more popular than in the months following the festival. And during those months Otis was really productive. He toured and recorded like a mad man.
On November 22 1967 Otis came to the STAX-studio and told Steve Cropper that he wrote something completely different. He sat down and recorded an demo of.....(Sitting On) The Dock Of The Bay. Everybody in the studio was stunned. With this song Otis took Soul into a completely new direction. But before they could talk this thing over Otis left already. He had to make it to the airplane that would take him to the next gig.
On December 10 1967 Otis his airplane crashed and the king of Soul died. He never made it back to the STAX-studio. Steve Cropper took the demo and finished it as a tribute to Otis. It was released on January 8 1968 to become Otis his biggest hit. It ranked #1 both in the pop and the R&B charts.
As far as I know this was to be Otis his only #1 hit. A recording he never heard himself!
Now you know why there are no live recordings of
(Sitting On) The Dock Of The Bay. Otis only sang it only once in public. And there were only 4 man witnessing this turning point in the history of soul.

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