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Friday, April 21, 2006

Slow blues at sunrise

One of the key figures of this innovation wave of the 80's was Stevie Ray Vaughan. This brilliant guitar player from Austin, Texas did not just create a new sound for his own. There have been a lot (and I mean A LOT!) of people who have been trying to copy his style ever since he so tragically died in a helicopter crash in August 1990. The album I choose to share today is a special one. It has been released in 2000 (ten years after Stevie Ray died) and is a compilation of 'slow' Blues. It is from these tracks that you can hear SRV's respect for the old masters. He listened to them and interpreted their work with his very recognizable style. The album holds not only SRV compositions, but also work from Elmore James, Howlin' Wolf and Albert King. With Albert King he recorded (live) Albert's song Blues at Sunrise, which gave this album it's title. Furthermore you will find a duet with Johnny Copeland on this album. To be short: A wonderful album of one of the biggest ever!

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