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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

William Lee Conley

Big Bill Broonzy (born as William Lee Conley Broonzy) is one of those man who mastered several instruments and several styles. Big Bill was either born in 1893 or 1898. Again different sources have different dates. Big Bill was born in the country but moved in 1924 to Chicago. With this move he changed instruments (from fiddle to guitar) and style (country-folk-blues to Chicago blues).
Chicago blues in 1924? Yes, Big Bill was one of the pioneers of Chicago blues. Big Bill was a pioneer. Period. He was one of the first to record with a little band (bass and drums) instead of just a single guitar. Big Bill used electric instruments as early as 1942! And he toured and recorded in Europe about 10 years prior to some of the other legends.

This album (again from the "Roots 'n' Blues" series) is a compilation that roughly covers the 1930's. Fortunately Big Bill left a lot of recordings. That made it possible to release this album in 1990 with 14(!) previous unissued recordings. And the other 6 tracks are worth listening as well.

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