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Saturday, April 15, 2006


Howard Tate's story is a sad but famous story. Somebody makes a record, scores some hits, don't get the royalties, is screwed by his manager. Disappointed as he is starts drinking, doing drugs and winds up as a bump in the gutters.
So far you've heard the story probably a thousand times. But then....Two people can't forget about this truly unique voice. His former producer and a DJ from Philidelphia start a real man hunt to find Howard. And they succeed . Some twenty-five years after Tate left 'the business' they find him. By that time he is a preacher. In 1994, after numerous failures in whatever he tried, he found God and started his own church. Shortly after Howard reunion with the man who produced his first record ( Jerry Ragavoy) they started working on a new album. And a miracle happened. All the years of suffering had no ill effects on Howard's voice. On the contrary. It had matured, softened a bit, but still had the same expression.
This album is the result of that reunion.
When I saw Howard Tate perform at the 'Blues Estafette' in Utrecht (Netherlands) in 2003 I really must have looked silly. Tears in my eyes and an open mouth!

The password = "scrooge".
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