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Thursday, April 06, 2006


Today we move from the 'First Lady Of Jazz' to the 'Queen Of Soul': Aretha Franklin. Don't worry I've got more Ella in stock and will probably post some more a little later.
This compilation of Aretha's work is named after her first big hit: Respect. This song was written (and already recorded) by Otis Redding for the infamous STAX label a few year before Aretha recorded it for Atlantic Records. In 1968 this recording earned her a grammy for "Best Rhythm And Blues Recording". Nice detail here is that the original version of Otis was produced by Steve Cropper, the guitar player from Booker T & the MG's and house producer of STAX. Many years later Steve and Aretha would both appear in the box-office film hit "The Blues Brothers". Aretha as the wife of one of the band members and Steve as the guitar player of the band.

The two disc album I'm offering you here holds 43 songs, some of the older Aretha recording (personally my favorites) all the way up to duets with Elton John and George Michael. All and All a nice introduction into Aretha's world and well worth listening to.

2003 - Respect: The very best of - disc 1 part 1 & part 2

2003 - Respect: The very best of - disc 2 part 1 & part 2

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  • Excellent Blog, Scrooge!! Thank you so much for posting "Aretha: Respect". Oh and by the way; Caesar Tjalbo reccomended your site to me. Very glad to now have it book marked. Good Spirits to you!!! >>>> Kindest Regards from an appreciative Duke
    P.S. Can't believe that an amazing post(such as this one) hasn't garnered at least one well earned comment of appreciation. *tsk*tsk*tsk* As Arnie said: "I'll Be BACK"!!!

    By Anonymous Duke, at 4:18 am  

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