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Sunday, April 02, 2006

I believe I'll .......

Most Blues lovers will have this album in their collection. And no wonder: The complete recordings of a legend who definitely is one of the five performers who had the most influence on pop as we know it today!
If you do not know Robert Johnson (or this unique collection of all his known recordings) please listing to it and find out why men as B. B. King, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, etc claim this man had the most influence on the way they still play today.
The reason I put the album up here is because of the 'I believe I'll dust my broom' mystery. Remember the Elmore James album with 'Dust my broom' ? Listen to it one more time and then listen to 'I believe I'll dust my broom' (track #3, disc 1). It is the same song! Still a lot of sources claim this to be a Robert Johnson song and quite a few sources pinpoint Elmore James as the composer. Listening will not unravel this mystery. When you listen to Robert it is a typical Johnson song and when you listen to Elmore it is a typical James song.

With just a little bit of extra information you can figure this one out. Elmore James was Robert Johnson's son in law! So they probably wrote this song together.
Imagine.....Robert and Elmore...... on a sunny sunday.........just after dinner..........on the porch.....sitting in a rocking chair....smoking a cigarette...... both a guitar.........

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