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Saturday, April 01, 2006


In 1931 Nehemia James (Skip) won a talent contest and the prize was.... a train ticket to Grafton Wisconsin where the Paramount record company would do a two days recording session with him. Skip went and spent two days in the attack where the recording studio was. After these days Skip got $40 for his expenses and they would be in touch. Skip went home and never heard anything from Paramount again. As a matter of fact.....Nobody heard anything from Skip for 33 years.
By the time we get to the early 60's the recording session of 1931 was legendary. And so was Skip. But nobody had ever seen him, knew where he was, or even if he was still alive. Until 1964. A blues fan tracked Skip down and brought him to the Newport Festival, where Skip was, together with Mississippi John Hurt, the sensation of the festival. Finally Skip got the recognition he deserved. Unfortunately by that time Skip was already terminally ill. From the long overdue royalties (other performers used his material a lot, for instance The Cream) Skip was able to pay his hospital bills and spent the last year of his live in reasonable comfort.

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