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Saturday, April 08, 2006

...on the (w)hole.....

Imagine you just posted a overview of slide with 78 songs and.....In the middle of the night you wake up, almost screaming! There are so many more really good slide players. And the compilations doesn't really show you where slide is today. Again I've something to make up to you. Therefore this post with an album from 1991. Dave Hole is an Australian blues guitarist who plays a mean slide guitar. As a matter of fact: he only plays slide. And how......... Not only does it sound good, it looks strange. Just for your benefit I included an extra picture showing you how Dave plays. This isn't just for the picture. This is the way this guy holds his guitar!
Dave recorded and released 9 albums over a period of 12 years. This is just # 1. Enjoy

The password = "scrooge".
Please delete these files within 24 hours. If you like this music buy the album and support the industry


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