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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Don't be afraid

During the 80's there was a wave of innovation going through the Blues. A relatively small group of (then) young men, each with his own style, influenced the Blues in a way it had not been for two decades. And people noticed. These few man got more attention of the media than the generation prior to them. I'm talking about, of course, people like Stevie Ray Vaughan, George Thorogood, Jeff Healy and...Robert Cray. Robert was noticed not only for his very recognizable guitar playing. His compositions had a different drive than the other three gentleman I mentioned and.........Robert Cray has a beautiful, soft toned, warm soul voice. And the combination of these three worked. Robert even has a series of modest hits to his name. One of those hits, perhaps the biggest, comes from this album.
'Don't be afraid of the dark'
is the fifth album of Robert and was recorded and released in 1988. This was two years after 'Strong Persuader', the album that gained Robert the attention of a wide audience. This album did well in the charts as well.
If you do not know the album.......Here's your change to find out why.

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