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Sunday, April 23, 2006

And then the truth came out

Yes, All these innovations and re-inventions during the (mainly second half of the) 80's let to a renewed interest in the blues. Life long blues fans suddenly had a lot more music to select from and a whole new generation of blues lovers was created. To my opinion it can't be coincidence that 1991 and old legend resurfaced. With his album "Closer to the truth" Tony Joe White was back as a performer in the international scene.
Tony already had a successful career as a performer between, roughly, 1968 and 1975. During this time he was also a successful songwriter with people like Elvis Presley (Polk Salad Annie) and Brook Benton (Rainy night in Georgia) recording his songs. Although he regularly toured between '75 and '90, he was during this period mainly a songwriter recorded by artists like Joe Cocker, Etta James, Ray Charles and Tina Turner, but also wrote music for movies and commercials (a.o. Levis). In this period he only recorded 2 albums himself.
Then, suddenly, in 1991 there is "Closer to the truth". A remarkable album that brings Tony back on the road again. For the next two years he be climbing every stair to every podium, of which quite a few in Europe.
Ever since Tony Joe White has been very productive as a recording artist and a performer. And still with the same distinguishable style that made him stand out in 1968. If ever get a change to see this man play live, don't hesitate and go!

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