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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My kind of Blues

The problem with some of the old 'war lords' of the Blues, like muddy waters, John Lee Hooker and B.B. King, is that these guys have been at it for numerous years, and have been very productive all these years. This combined with their obvious popularity has resulted in so, perhaps too, many compilations. There isn't a compilation of Blues music and they are on it. On top of this there a so many compilations dedicated to one of these man. Talking about B.B. King there are over a hundred compilations released with 'older stuff' since 1998!
This results in the fact that it is pretty hard to find an 'older' original of this Blues man. It is therefore that I'm glad to present you with an original B.B. King that is over 45 years old.
My Kind Of Blues is an original album released in 1960. It features a relative young B.B. (see picture) without a large band behind him. It is the basics for this kind of Blues: bass, drums, piano, Lucille and B.B's powerful voice. An album with 10 absolute gems of slow Memphis Blues.

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