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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Absolute royalty

April 30 is traditionally the day the Dutch celebrate their connection with the royal family. That makes this a perfect day to share this album.
In September 1981 The Crusaders gave a concert in London. Now, normally the music of The Crusaders is 'not my cup of tea'. But in this case it's something different. This particular concert was held in The Royal festival Hall together with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. But that's not the reason why I treasure this album. I treasure this album because halfway through the concert B.B. King walks in. For me that saves the day (or in this case the album). Suddenly the chemistry is there. Specially between B.B. King and Joe Sample. And it is fun hearing the Crusaders with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra on The thrill is gone, or B.B. King singing Street life. All and all an album that deserves her title.

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