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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Good old Jeff

Today I write my 50th blog. Not bad in just over a month. Anyway, I went trough them all and realized that I did mention Jeff Healy as one of the innovators of the late 80's. I did, however, forget to post some of his music. So, let my try to make up for this by offering Jeff's second album Hell To Pay. In my opinion the second is just as good as the first. This is always an achievement if a debut is so well received as his. Imaging: your debut album with such praising words from B.B. King! Yep. No pressure for the second album. But Jeff came through.
My personal favorite from this album? Track 7: While my guitar gently weeps. And old Beatles classic from the hand of George Harrison.

The password = "scrooge".
Please delete these files within 24 hours. If you like this music buy the album and support the industry


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