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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Take a walk

During the early 80's the appreciation for Deep Soul hit rock bottom in the US. On the other hand it's popularity grew steadily in Europe. It isn't surprising to find that some Deep Soul artists made the crossing and settled in Europe (UK mainly). So did Charles Walker. Charles (or Charlie) cut his first single in 1959 for the Champion label. In those days Charlie was one from the Nashville blues scene. After his first album Charlie moved to New York where he started a locally very popular R&B/Blues band "Little Charles & The Sidewinders". During the earlier mentioned period in the 80's an English label starts reissuing some of Charlie's older stuff. With success. So Charlie moved to the UK. Later, in 1993, he moved back to Nashville, where he recorded a few albums. In the first half of this decade there has been some sort of Deep Soul revival going on in Europe. So it isn't strange that we rediscovered Charles Walker again. This album was released shortly after Solomon Burke's his award winning Don't Give Up On Me. Although different in approach and style I, for one, feel that this album is no less than Solomon's. There is one remarkable detail. On both albums there is a Elvis Costello song. Solomon recorded The Judgement and Charlie Allison. Before these two albums I never thought of Costello's music as Soul. But it definitely is.

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