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Friday, May 12, 2006

Nothing But The Blues IV

Disc #4 is also completely dedicated to the 'Empress of the Blues", Bessie Smith.
By the end of the 20's it went down with Bessie's success. Her music sounded slightly out of date and record sales dropped dramatically. This resulted in Columbia canceling her contract in 1931, after recording 160 songs fort this label.
This didn't stop Bessie. She went back to the nightclubs and musical theatres. It didn't stop her 'party animal' life style either. Bessie was known for her sexual appetite for both man and woman. In 1933 a rich fan of Bessie offered her a new contract and she went back to the studio's. It looked like her career was picking up again.
On tour in Mississippi she got into a serious car accident. It's been said that the hospital she was taken to refused her on racial grounds. This however is disputed by some other sources. Fact is that she lost an arm and died later on.
It wasn't until 1966(!) before her grave was marked with her name and the inscription: "The world 's greatest blues singer".
The recordings on this disc all date from 1923-1924., Except for track 20 (1929), track 21 (1930), Track 22 (1931) and track 23 (1925). This last track features a young Louis Armstrong on cornet, with whom she recorded some duets as well for the Columbia label.

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