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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Another 'Nothing but'

On this 1988 record of Robben Ford we find another 'Nothing but'. Track # 4 is called Ain't got nothin' but the blues.
Robben Ford (born 1951, California) is a guitar player who has been recording ever since the age of 20. He started out as a Blues musician. This is no surprise because his father used to have his own blues band which also featured Robben's two brothers. After a few records with mostly Blues and some Rock Robben gained international recognition when he accompanied Miles Davis on his world tour in 1986. I for one had never heard of him when I saw him play, with Miles Davis, at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands. Since that day I always had a soft spot for this amazing guitar player.
Today offer is a 1988 album called 'Talk to your daughter' and contains 9 beauties that all have this 'slightly Californian over the top' sound to it. Have fun listening to this. It's obvious Robben had fun recording it.

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