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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Got My Mojo Working

Last Monday I told you I went to Mojo Buford Sunday night. And believe was fun!
George 'Mojo' Buford was born somewhere in Mississippi in 1929. Later, aprox. at the age of 10, he moved to Memphis. Here Mojo was inspired by people like Little Walter and B.B. King. So Mojo took up the Blues Harp. In 1954 he moved to Chicago where he, together with Sam Burden and Dave Members started a band called The Savage Boys. After a while they got the attention of Muddy Waters and called the band Muddy Waters Jr Band. This band became something of a stand-in for Muddy Waters if he was out of town. Later, after the band split up, Mojo pursued his own career. During that period of time he gained his nickname Mojo, because his audience always requested his version of Got My Mojo Working. After returning to Chicago Mojo toured for many years with Muddy Waters.
Today Mojo lives in Memphis again.
The album today is his most recent one from 2005. On this album we find one of Mojo's versions of Got My Mojo Working. But the most remarkable of this album I find Dust My Broom. Here we have a performer who has been in the heart of both the Chicago and Memphis blues, and still 'leans on' Robert Johnson. And track # 11 Take A Little Walk With Me sound very much like Sweet Home Chicago of Robert Johnson.

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