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Saturday, October 07, 2006

What a Change

In 1994 it's another 10 years after Solomon Burke album 'Soul Alive!'. Perhaps even another 10 years after the last decent soul album. By now nobody does soul anymore. Some greats have died, some just disappeared. Even the once that 'converted' to Disco of funk were hanging by their finger nails. Soul Alive! in 1984 was the best soul album (perhaps even the only) in five years! And it took Solomon another 10 years before he came with this A Change Is Gonna Come. And what an album it is! Great Deep Soul with every now and then a drop off funk. Some new stuff and some classics. Solomon's version of Sam Cook's A Change Is Gonna Come is great. And his version of the Percy Sledge hit When A Man Loves A Woman? So much better than Percy ever held for possible! I have to admit that this is not Solomon's best album. But that is only because he was to make even better later! (please remind me to post some later)
Yes, I consider myself a bit of a Solomon Burke fan. Or should I say considered?
In September this year Solomon released his new album called Nashville. And....yes, it's a country record.
What is it with this country shit? Mark Knopfler touring with Emmylou Harris. Jakkkkk!!! Van Morrison recording a full disc with Hank Williams covers that isn't worth the box that it comes in.... And now Solomon Burke doing duets with Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton! You better forget this. Listen to these wonderful 1994 recordings and forget about the present.

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