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Saturday, September 30, 2006

More Trouble!

There is enough said, and written, about McKinley Morganfield aka Muddy Waters. The world isn't waiting for another Muddy compilation. Although......Today's offering is something special. Perhaps even a treat. This disc contains all his Chess singles from the period 1955 - 1959!
As the (great) liner notes of the album say:
"Sometimes it looks like Muddy Waters' recording career ended after the May 1955 session when he cut Mannish Boy".
And they are correct. It often looks like that. All the real Muddy Waters classics are recorded before this breaking point. And with Mannish Boy Muddy gave his particular style it's last ingredients. At that time Muddy was at the height of his popularity with the black Blues fans, and it was still another 5 years before the folk and rock lovers of the early 60's picked up.
However, after May 1955 he kept recording and performing. All the way up to his death in 1983. Please listen carefully and enjoy a Muddy Waters who finally created 'his sound' and kept recording in this style. Perhaps this record does not contain any great classics (perhaps Trouble No More is an exception), but it is Muddy at his best and well worth your time.

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