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Friday, September 29, 2006

Nothing But The Blues XXXI

It's been a while. I've been busy, busy, busy. In my case that means no uploads! Sorry for that. On the other hand: If I wouldn't be busy every now and then, I wouldn't make any money. And no money means no (new) music.
Ages ago I got a question from somebody asking me if there was any Jimmy Yancey in the collection. Well...... there is, and today's disc is dedicated to this great pianist.
James Edward Yancey was born in February 1898. His father, a variety artist, learned little Jimmy to sing and dance and took the boy 'on the road'. By the time Jimmy was 16 he had been all over America and Europe!
At that time Jimmy settled in Chicago and focused on his piano playing. Within no-time he established himself as a known Blues and Boogie woogie player. His preference for the Boogie woogie and his central role in the Chicago Blues and Jazz scene earned him his nickname "Papa of Boogie woogie".
It took 'Papa' until 1939 before his recording career started. At that time he already had been a influential member of the Chicago scene for over 20 years!
Most Jimmy Yancey recordings are solo. It wasn't until shortly before his death that he used a 'backing band'. On the other hand Jimmy accompanied a wide variety of artists himself.
When 'Papa' died in 1951 the world lost one of it's three greatest Boogie woogie pianists.
Tracks 1 - 17 are all recorded in April 1939 in Chicago. Tracks 18 - 23 are from the same location, same year, but from October. Tracks 24 dates from December 1943 (Chicago)

The password = "scrooge".
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  • "Ages ago I got a question from somebody asking me if there was any Jimmy Yancey in the collection"

    orrite! that was me!

    and thanks for making it available finally !

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:59 am  

  • See....
    Patience pays off!

    By Blogger Scrooge, at 3:59 pm  

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