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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nothing But The Blues XXXIV

Oran Thadeus Page aka Hot Lips Page is the first is the first trumpet player in this series. Hot Lips was born in Texas in 1908. His mother taught him to play the clarinet and saxophone at a very early age. By the time Oran was twelve he already 'turned' to the trumpet and was traveling through the area as a musician. During the early 20's Oran had already worked for Ma Rainy. He furthermore toured quite a while with Walter Page's Blue Devils. In 1929 he got to the recoding studios.
During the major part of the 30's he worked in Kansas for both Bennie Moten and Duke Ellington.
In 1938 he formed his own band and moved to New York where John Hammond contracted him for the 'Spirituals to Swing Concert' (see also Big Joe Turner). Within a year he played with Ida Cox, Pete Johnson and Billie Holliday.
Although he had his own band, for the next 10 years Oran spent most of his time on stage or in the studio backing other performers. In 1949 he joined Charlie Parker, Sidney Bechet and Miles Davis at the 'Salle Pleyel Jazz festivall'. This was such a success that his long European Tour years later was enthusiastically received. From that moment on his health became a problem. When Hot Lips died in 1954 he left a huge crowd of fans that still miss him today. Hot Lips Page was one of the few greats (together with T-Bone Walker) that constantly walked the thin line between Blues and Jazz.
All the tracks on this CD are recorded in New York. Tracks 2,4,6, and 11 in December 1940. Tracks 1,7,12 and 16 were recorded in March 1944. Tracks 3,5 and 9 in June 1944. Tracks 8 and 10 on September 12 1944. Tracks 13 and 15 on September 29 and track 14 on November 1944 the same year.

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