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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Nothing But The Blues XXXII

With this disc we get to the next Big Joe: Big Joe Turner. Big Joe Turner was born as Joseph Vernon Turner in May 1911 in Kansas City and died in November 1985 in California. Joe had an ordinary childhood that changed when his father died. Joe left school and started to work in the nightclubs of Kansas City. Here he met Pete Johnson (piano), who would accompany Joe at many occasion throughout the rest of his career. They tried to make it outside Kansas City, but failed until the famous scout John Hammond contracted them for the 'Spirituals to Swing' concert at Carnegie Hall in 1938. Here they started a wave of Boogie woogie fever. That year Turner recorded his first song. In the years following Turner was a very successful performer. In 1941 he even joined Duke Ellington's revue as a singer. In the 50's the Boogie woogie wasn't hot anymore and Turner turned to R&B. He dominated the charts from 1951 - 1956. During the 60's and 70's Turner performed at all the major festivals in America and Europe. He kept on performing and recording all the way to his death in 1985. Some of his more famous fans are B.B. King, Ray Charles and Jimmy Witherspoon. Due to his success during the 50's he is often remembered as 'Father figure of Rock 'n' Roll'. Because the recordings on this disc date from before this period you will not find great hits like 'Shake, Rattle and Roll' (Nr 1 hit in 1954) here.
Tracks 3,5, 10 and 11 are recorded in New York in July 1941. Tracks 1,4,12 and 18 date from September the same year are were recorded in LA. Tracks 6 and 8 were recorded in La in January 1942. In October 1944 tracks 7,9,13 and 14 were recorded in Chicago. In New York in February 1945 tracks 2,15,17 and 19 were recorded. Tracks 16 and 21 are from May 1945 , Chicago . And finally track 14 from LA, January 1946.

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