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Monday, October 02, 2006


Time to look at some serious soul again. On April 15 this year I offered you Howard Tate's remarkable life story and his 2003 comeback album Rediscovered (reloaded). Today we turn to his past. When Howard recorded this Reaction album in 1969 he had been a part of the soul scene for a few years. As a matter of fact he was considered to be a veteran of the scene. At that time it's two years ago that Howard released his legendary Get It While You Can album, and soul isn't as hot anymore. Many soul artists make the move into disco, just to survive. Howard makes a living by appearing in nightclubs, mainly in New York.
This album doesn't even come close to Get It While You Can, but again, which album does? Reaction still holds some pretty damn' good soul. Most songs are written by Lloyd Price and Johnny Nash, who also produced the album. But you will find a wonderful cover of Sam Cooke's Chain Gang on here as well. Track 11: My Soul's Got a Hole In It was to be Howard's last entry in the R&B charts (# 31, spring 1970).
All and all an album you can't afford to miss if you are into soul!

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