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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Nothing But The Blues XVII

These next two disc are dedicated to Robert Johnson. I know I already posted his complete recordings, but I also know there are people who want these wonderful collection complete, so......
There are a lot of stories and uncertainties about Robert Johnson and his life. Some of these stories are really great. You probably all heard the story about Robert standing at a crossroad somewhere in the Mississippi delta at night, striking a deal with the devil. According to this story Robert sold his soul to the devil in return for his amazing abilities on the guitar. I do not know where this story originates, but as all good legends it has some truth to it.
In order to interpret this one you should be aware that in those days all Blues was considered to be the Devils work. There wasn't a preacher in the delta who would not 'fight' this music. Not it the least because of it's close association with Juke Joints, drinking, gambling and loose women. And Robert was one of the 'worst'. He roamed throughout the delta, playing in these Juke Joints, drinking, gambling and chasing women. Story has it that Robert died as result of a jealous husband poisoning his drink! On top of that there is a famous quote of Son House. When Son House first met Robert he was not really impressed with his guitar playing. Just a few years later, when they met again, Robert's playing had improved so dramatically that Son House said: "You must have sold your souls to the Devil in order to play like that!".
Re-reading Robert's life story I found another error in one of my earlier posting. I told you that Elmore James married a daughter of Robert. That still stands. Another fact is that they did play together. But knowing that Robert died at the age of 27 it is unlikely Robert ever knew Elmore as his son in law.

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