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Friday, May 26, 2006

The tables turned

It is 1993 and the tables are turned. This time we have a Van Morrison album on which John Lee Hooker is the guest.
I've got this strange Love - Hate thing towards Van Morrison. I've seen Van the Man as an absolute God triumphing over festivals. But I've seen festival organizations scared to hell because Van might not come to stage because he had the wrong peanuts in his dressing room. I've seen bands completely frozen in their attempt to please the master. I've seen sound technician scared shitless for this guy.
He made some truly brilliant albums which deserve a place in the album top 100 ever in the pop hall of fame. But....I've heard albums which weren't worth the packaging in which they came. Only last year he made a truly fabulous album called Magic Time and only this year a released an uninspired album (Hell to pay) not worth the time listening to it!

This 1993 album is ok. It contains 15 songs. Most of these songs are recorded with Georgie Fame on Hammond organ and backing vocals. Two songs however are with John Lee Hooker. These two recordings are the absolute gems of the album. On track 9 (Wasted Years) John Lee Hooker just shares the honor of leading vocals. But on track 7, a wonderful recording of the old Them/Morrison hit Gloria, they both play and sing. Do yourself a favor and listen to it!

1993 - Too Long In Exile Part 1 & Part 2

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