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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Nothing But The Blues XII

Yes, Leadbelly was definitely the man to get into trouble. He was tall and very strong. He had a sensational appetite for woman, not caring how old they were or if they happen to be married. On the other hand woman fell for Leadbelly. He was father to at least two children as a teenager.
There are also stories about drinking and gambling. Combine this with the fact that he had an explosive temperament and you have trouble.
In 1916 he was 26 and sent to jail for attacking a man (and doing some serious damage). But Leadbelly broke out and used the name Walter Boyd to elude the law enforcement. Shortly after this he was again sentenced, but now for thirty years, for murder. This time, after being in prison for seven years, he was pardoned by the governor because he wrote a song for the governor pleading for his release.
In 1930 he was sent to prison for a third time for robbery and attempted murder. There he was discovered by John Lomax in 1933. Lomax, using his influence in congress, got him out in 1934 and took him to New York where his recording career began.
The tracks on this disc give a nice overview of Leadbelly's recording career and cover the period between 1935 and 1945. Apart from track 12 they are all Leadbelly originals. And I mean originals! Track 21 dates from 1935 and is Midnight Special, which we all know, Track 14 is the famous Take this hammer (from 1945) and track 22 (from 1943) is the wonderful Irene.

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