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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Nothing But The Blues X

Disc # 10 is, like disc # 9 , dedicated to William Lee Conley 'Big Bill' Broonzy.
Big Bill died in 1958 of lung cancer. He kept recording to late 1952. Now the irony of it all is that Big Bill was during his recording career never able to support his family (5 kids) with just the earnings of his music. With over 260 recorded songs to his name and performing with every major blues artist during a period of almost thirty years was not enough.
By the end of the 40's Big Bill's sound was a bit out of date. So in 1951 Big Bill re-invents his own music, making it sound simpler and adding more folk influences. With this sound Big Bill started a second career in music touring the world, and Europe in particular. This enabled him to finally live of his earnings as a musician in 1953.
All the tracks on this disc are Big Bill originals recorded under the name Big Bill Broonzy and date from 1932 (3), 1934 (5,6), 1935 (1,8,11,13,14), 1936 (2,9,12) and 1937 (4,7,10,15).

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