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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lucky man

After his 1989 success The Healer John Lee Hooker was under quite a bit of pressure to produce another album like that. If he succeeded depends on whom you're asking. The record company thinks he failed. This 1991 album misses a hit like The Healer, and therefore sales didn't come close. On the other hand however, there are people who will claim that he did succeed. This album is, from a musical point of view, at least as good.
The album contains 10 songs on which John Lee Hooker can be heard with some outstanding performers. The Robert Cray Band of track 2, Albert Collins on track 3, Ry Cooder on track 4, Johnnie Johnson on track 1, with Van Morrison on I Cover The Waterfront (track 5), Track 7 together with Carlos Santana, track 8 with Johny Winter and Track 9 with Rolling Stones icon Keith Richards on guitar. John Hammond lays down a wonderful foundation for track 6 using a slide guitar. He also is the featuring guest on guitar and harmonica on track 10.
Personally I think this album beats (artistically and musically) The Healer on any given day of the week. John Lee Hooker was a very lucky man, getting the opportunity to work and record with these people.

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