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Monday, May 29, 2006


I've never been a Bonnie Raitt Fan, but Today I offer you her most recent album. This is her sixteenth album or so. She released her debut album in 1971. This means that with this 2005 release she has a recording career of 35 years so far. During that period she also recorded with .....Almost everybody who is somebody in Blues. Certainly something to respect. The only trouble is .... I don't get it! What's all the fuzz about? Yes, I agree it isn't bad what she's doing. Most of her albums, certainly this one, is well produced. Perhaps there is something in her voice I do not hear? Something in her songs I do not see? Something in her recording I do not get? If there are any Bonnie Raitt fans out there, or people who evaluate this album and do get it, please enlighten me. I'm eager to be converted. But her really impressive career so far hasn't done it for me yet. Please help me!

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  • ref bonnie raitt:I first saw her in the late 70s at a farming show but this was on the tv,and i was impressed with her guitar playing.I have a number of her lps and like some of the tracks but not all.I suppose that can be said for almost every performer,u like some,but not others.It would be a funny old world if we liked everything by everybody,and then where would arguments or discussions come from?

    By Anonymous matt, at 1:48 pm  

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