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Monday, June 05, 2006

A forgotten hero

The title of this blog says more about me then about Jimmy Rogers, the hero I forgot. In fact it wasn't until a guy I've been working with for the better part of two years now, handed me this album that I became aware of the importance of Jimmy for the Blues. (thank you Johan!)
Jimmy Rogers was born in 1924 under the name James A Lane. Jimmy was the hart of Muddy Waters Blues Band during the second half of the 40's and during the major part of the 50's. As a matter of fact it was Jimmy rhythm guitar that created the freedom for muddy to improvise. These two man were such a perfect duo that it is said that there must have been a telepathic link between the two when they were playing. It was Jimmy who introduced Muddy Waters to Little Walter and Otis Spann.
although many of Jimmy's own recordings are well worth listening he was mainly in demand as a sessions player. It was Jimmy who handled the guitar on the five live tracks from the album by Koko Taylor I posted earlier.
This album is Jimmy's last project. He made, and finished, it himself in 1997, but it was not released until 1998, when Jimmy had already died of cancer. On this album Jimmy plays with people like Jeff Healy, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Keith Richards. Pretty unique is the version of Sweet Home Chicago (track 6) with Stephen Stills and track 9 with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and Eric Clapton. Enjoy!

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