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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

One more

Today I have a compilation that comes from the collection of that same friendly neighbor. "If you like Rev. Gary Davis, you should listen to track 8!' That's what he told me when he handed me this CD.
The CD is a sample from all the wonderful stuff that was collected for the Original Blues Classics series, This series consists of over 50 CD with all truly great classics. In order to promote this series this CD was launched.
There are some real beauties on it! How about Willie Dixon together with Memphis Slim (track 1), Pink Anderson (track 12) or Jimmy Whitterspoon (track 18). And ........Reverend Gary Davis with a very powerful 'Say No To The Devil' in track 8.
This one has been uploaded to MegaUpload as Rapidshare has been an absolute mess for the last few days (weeks?)

The password = "scrooge".
Please delete these files within 24 hours. If you like this music buy the album and support the industry


  • Thank you and your neighbour for this. Great stuff!! a 50 CD collection you say?? Looks like I'll have to mortgage the house.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:03 am  

  • Muy buenos los cds de aca. Muchas gracias por la buena musica. Gracias desde Argentina.

    By Anonymous cristian, at 6:12 am  

  • More great stuff. Good to see(hear) Jesse Fuller. Question: The file skips #14. Are there really twenty songs instead of twenty-one?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:39 am  

  • Dude Scrooge
    when do ya upload the rest of the nothing-but-blues series, man?

    its been 2 weeks plus we heard from ya! hope ya been keepin well?

    By Anonymous Blind Joe Death, at 7:51 am  

  • Hoping you are well,


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:28 pm  

  • Wonderful stuff, buddy. Thanks for sharing for evaluation purposes, of course.
    My problem with MegaUpload is that this system assigns a number of connections per country. For USA and China, for instance, that number is ilimited, but for my South American under-rated 3rd-world country, only 50 slots are assigned and they are always busy, so I simply cannot download a damn single thing. Rapidshare works better.
    Anyway, thanks a lot and keep making the blues.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:39 pm  

  • By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:18 am  

  • By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:13 pm  

  • That album is amazing!!!! thanks

    By Blogger julioxo, at 12:28 pm  

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    the case since these auctions have a negative expected profit for a bidder. This
    mechanism is similar to a rotating saving and credit associations (roscas) in
    which group of people save for indivisible good. Each period allthe people
    contribute to the rosca and it is given to someone randomly that is able to get
    the good. In thenext period it is given to somebody else and so on (see Besley,
    Coate and loury (1993)). In our mechanismthe good is also distributed eventually
    randomly and each individual pays the participation fees, but theexpected payoff
    is negative, since the auctioneer obtains a positive profit and the winner pays
    extra amount of money (the winning bid) in order to get the good. 3

    Page 4
    indeed equal as suggested by the theory. Some formal chi-square tests and
    informalanalysis suggest that the theoretical bid distribution is not consistent
    with the data. In addition, unlike other studies that estimated the demand for
    lottery games and found that consumers respond to the expected returns, we found
    that consumer demand for this lottery is not sensitive to the expected payoff
    but it is sensitive to the size of theprize. The paper is organized as follows.
    In the next section we characterize the equilibrium strategies of the auction
    game and provide some comparative static results. Section 3 describes the data,
    while Section 4 performs empirical analysis. A final section offers some
    concluding remarks. 2. Theoretical considerations We will first describe the
    model we consider and then show that in a symmetric equilibrium a higher bid is
    chosen with higher probability. There are kbidders3=3who all value the object at
    the retail price, v. After paying an entry fee of c each bidder submits a sealed
    bid that is less than a maximum value b << v. We assume that each bidder places
    only one bid. There is a minimum bid increment, which we normalize to 1. The
    winner is the one who placed the highest bid that was not bid by anyone else. If
    there is no such bid, then we assume that the seller runs the auctionagain with
    the same set of bidders. The internet portal reports that, in the rare event of
    no unique bid, the bidders will be notified about the situation and asked to
    submit a new bid without additional charge. The winner has to pay an amount
    equal to his bid, while the losers only pay the entry fee. In addition we assume
    that k, v and b are such that inequilibrium the winning bid is close to b; in
    other words, we assume that the bid increment is low compared to the value of
    the object, and thus the winning bid is close to 3In the auction at the above
    website only the maximum number of bidders is specified, but the number of
    actual bidders is usually close to the allowed maximum number of bidders, so one
    may assume that the number of bidders is a known constant, k.4

    Page 5
    the maximum allowed bid b.4Under such conditions we make the simplifying
    assumption that each bidder is interested in maximizing his probability of
    winning the object, ignoring the payment consequences of his bid.5The entry fee
    is already sunk at the bidding stage, so it does not affect bidding strategies.
    First, note that the above game has an equilibrium, since after imposing
    aminimum bid requirement of 0, the auction becomes a finite game. Moreover,
    using Kakutani�s fixed point theorem we may also show that a symmetric (mixed
    strategy) equilibrium exists. Claim 1: In any symmetric equilibrium there is no
    gap in the support of the equilibrium strategy. Proof: Suppose there was a gap
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    case, the unique equilibrium has p1= p2 = 1/2. Proof: See the appendix A. 4On
    average, the distance between the winning bids and the maximum allowed bid in
    our data is less than14 cents on average, and the maximum distance is less than
    $1.5. 5The bidder�s problem is to choose bithat will maximize: P(bi)(V- bi)-C=
    P(bi)(V-b+b-bi)-C= P(bi)(V-b)+P(bi)(b-bi)-C, where P(bi) is bidder i probability
    of winning the object when placing a bid of bi, V is the object valuation, b is
    the highest bid allowed and C is the participation cost. If all bidders follow a
    symmetric equilibrium, then the probability of receiving the object is the same
    for each bidder. Asmentioned before, the distance between the winning bids and
    the maximum allowed bid in our data is lessthan 14 cents on average, and the
    maximum distance is less than $1.5. So on average, when one maximizesthe
    probability of winning the object and ignores the second part of the objective
    function; one ignores a monetary incentive of only a few cents. If we drop this
    simplifying assumption then our results do not hold as stated. It is no longer
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    weidentify in the simplified game is not robust to large deviations, when a
    bidder places a bid close to zero.However, since the largest admissible bid is
    less than 10% of the value of the object, the incentive for this deviation might
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    will be noted in the next section. 5

    Page 6
    The intuition behind these results is clear. Suppose, that the other bidders
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    Then it is easy to see that if bidder i places the bid b1, then he has a higher
    probability of winning then with any other bid that belongs to B. But this
    yields a contradiction, because in a symmetric equilibrium bidder i use a mixed
    strategy with support on B, and thus he isindifferent between any of the bids
    belonging to B. The incentive to bid high iseliminated only if a bidder expects
    that there are more bidders who placed a high bid than who placed a lower one.
    Thus, in equilibrium each bidder must place a higher bid with higher
    probability. Let us consider some examples with a small number of bidders.
    First, if there are three bidders, then, in the unique equilibrium all the bids
    down to zero are used. With Tpossible bids including 0 it holds that for all 1 <
    i < T, pi= 1/ 2T-iand p0=1/ 2T-1is theunique symmetric equilibrium of the game.
    If k = 4, it is easy to show that the unique symmetric equilibrium is such that
    p1= p2= �. In the case when k = 5 an equilibrium is such that
    0.010}.p0.083,p0.197,p0.337,p0.372,{p54321=====We can confirm that it is indeed
    equilibrium. A bidder�s utility is his probability of winning plus the
    probability of a complete tie divided by five. Suppose that a bidder places the
    maximum allowed bid. A bidder wins in this case if no one else placed thisbid,
    i.e. with probability .)1(w411p-=A complete tie occurs, if one or two other
    bidders placed the highest bid and the other two or three placed the same bid,
    or if all others placed the highest bid. This probability is
    .)(p})(p)(p)(p){(p)(p6})(p)(p)(p){(p4pt4125242322213534333211++++++++=Since in
    equilibrium each bidder obtains a utility of 1/5 we obtain the following

    One can compute the corresponding probabilities, wi, tifor i = 2,3,4,5 and write
    up thecondition that for all i:6.515wi=+itThen one obtains 5 equations in 5
    unknowns (the �s) and this system has a unique real valued solution, the vector
    stated above. Finally, one needs to check that by placing a lower bid than bid
    5, the achieved utility is not higher than 1/5. By placing such a bid the
    deviating bidder wins if and only if the other four bidders tied. Then the
    incentive constraint can be written as: ip.51622514=+???=jijiiipppThe proposed
    strategy profile satisfies these conditions and thus it is equilibrium.For k = 5
    the distribution of the winning bid is
    .}011.0,098.0,211.0,325.0,357.0{54321=====pppppFor k = 6, an equilibrium is
    0.109},p0.248,p0.309,p0.334,{p4321====and the distribution of the winning bid is
    }.122.0,247.0,303.0,329.0{4321====ppppFor k = 7 an equilibrium is
    0.078},45p0.296,{54321=0.137=,0.22=,0.26==pppp7and the distribution of the
    winning bid is .}084.0,137.0,219.0,272.0,287.0{54321=====pppppIt is apparent
    that the size of the support of the equilibrium strategy is not monotonic.
    Excluding the case of 3 bidders, which seems non-generic, one conjecture 6The
    corresponding probabilities for wiand tiare different for every i. In order to
    save space the complete set of equations is not reported here but it is
    available upon request from the authors. 7We did not show that the above
    equilibria are unique for a given k. For this one would need to show thatif one
    considers a different number of bids for a given k than the one considered
    above, then no solutionexists to the resulting system of incentive constraints.
    We only showed at this point that there are no other equilibria for k=4, 5, 6, 7
    when we consider up to 7 possible bids. Our conjecture is that these equilibria
    are unique in these cases and moreover, for any k there is a unique equilibrium
    of the game.7

    that emerges is that the more bidders there are the less concentrated become the
    equilibrium strategies. Although there is no monotonicity in the length of the
    support with respect the number of bidders, our conjecture is that the expected
    distance betweenthe maximum allowed bid and the winning bid (the Gap) increases
    with the number ofbidders. Namely, it is more likely that a bid further from the
    maximum becomes the winning bid when the number of bidders increases.
    Theoretically this is the case when the number of bidders is 4, 5, 6 or 7.83.
    The DataThis section describes the data. The data source is 9which is the Internet website of Best Bids Auction, a
    Arizona company that manages and implements private auctions designed to raise
    money for selected charities and member non-profit fundraising organizations.
    The internet auction process is a combination of a lottery and an auction.
    Before each auction, the auctioneer determines, among other things, the highest
    bid allowed and the maximum number of bids that will be accepted for the
    auction, and makes this information available for the bidders. In order to
    participate in an auction, bidders submit sealed bids, less than or equal to the
    highest bid allowed in US dollars and cents and agree to pay a bidding fee for
    each submitted bid. The auction is a sealed bid auction in the sense that when a
    bidder submits a bid he does not know what the other bids are until the auction
    is over. Each auction is closed when it receives the maximum number of bids or
    meets the other closing requirements.10After the auction closes, the participant
    that submitted the successful (winning) bid is determined. The successful bid
    8The expected Gap when k = 4 is 5.04=g, and for the other cases it is,
    078.1*4...*055515=++=ppg162.16=gand 458.17=gwhen the number of bidders are 5, 6,
    and 7 respectively. 9All the information has been taken from 10An auction will remain open until either the maximum
    number of bids allocated for the auction is reached or the auction reaches
    maturation (63 days for auctions requiring less than 200 bids, and 183 days for
    auctions requiring 200 or more bids) and has received the minimum number of bids
    required to close. If the minimum number of bids has not been reached, the
    auction will be extended until the minimum numberof bids is met. At that time, a
    closing date of three days will be set and posted on the auction. 8

    Page 9
    is the highest unique bid out of all bids received in the auction.11Duplicate
    bids are used to calculate the number of bids required to close an auction but
    are disqualified from being selected as the successful bid. For example, if a
    single auction includes the following four bids: $69.42, $69.42, $48.69 and
    $65.44, the winner will be the one who submitted $65.44. In the very unlikely
    event that an auction closes and there is not a unique bid, all participants
    receive an e-mail describing the situation and are asked to submit a new bid
    without additional fees. Table 1 gives summary statistics from the different
    auctions that took place during 2003 and 2004. The information provided on the
    website includes all auctions that havebeen conducted in this period. The
    products auctioned were electronic appliances (computers, TV�s, video games etc)
    and gift cards (provided by Target, Shell, Wall-Mart, Starbucks etc). The mean
    retail value of the items auctioned was $414.169. The most expensive item
    auctioned was a Panasonic 42�� Plasma TV with a retail price of $4999, while the
    cheapest item was a Nintendo Game Boy with a retail price of $79.99. The Maximum
    Allowed Bid was almost always identical to the Maximum Submitted Bid, which
    means that in almost all the auctions the highest submitted bid was the highest
    allowed bid.12On average, the maximum allowed bid was 7.2% of the retail
    price,13and it had a mean of $30.83. The highest Maximum Allowed Bid, $624.38,
    occurred in the case of the Panasonic 42�� Plasma TV, while smallest Maximum
    Allowed Bid, $2.94, was in the case of a $100 Starbucks gift card. The average
    winning bid was $30.70, and it was, on average, 13.69 cents below the Maximum
    Allowed Bid (and the maximum submitted bid). We define Gap as thedifference
    between the maximum allowed bid and the winning bid. The minimum of this
    variable is 0, which mean that the maximum allowed bid was the winner. The
    maximum 11A unique bid is a bid that is not a duplicate bid. A "duplicate bid"
    is a bid submitted by a participant in anauction where another participant(s)
    has submitted a bid(s) for the identical amount.12There are 15 cases out of 310
    in which the highest submitted bid is less than the maximum allowed bid. In 10
    cases the difference is 1 cent. 13It seems that the auctioneer choose the
    Maximum Allowed Bid such that it will be, on average, less than 10% of the
    retail price. An OLS regression of the Maximum Allowed Bid on the retail price
    yield a coefficient of 0.072 with standard error of 0.0024 (t-value of 29.59)
    and R squared of 0.7398. It seems that the Maximum Allowed Bid is also
    positively correlated with the Number of Bids per auction. An OLSregression of
    the Maximum Allowed Bid on the Number of Bids yield a coefficient of 0.375 with
    standarderror of 0.020 (t-value of 18.37) and R squared of 0.5228. An OLS
    regression of the Maximum Allowed Bid on both the Retail Price and the Number of
    Bids per auction yields coefficients of 0.1765 on the retailprice and -0.6648 on
    the Number of Bids, both significant at 1% level. 9

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    Espero tu respuesta, muchas gracias.

    Saludos desde Argentina, ifRiT

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  • もぅすぐ夏ですね☆一緒に海に行ったりしたいなヾ(>▽<)o

    By Anonymous 友達, at 10:51 am  

  • 最近、話題のトゥイッターから始まる理想の関係…理想の恋をこの場で見つけていきませんか

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  • スタービーチは誰にでも出逢いという奇跡をもたらしてくれる。スタビで理想の関係作りしてみませんか

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  • 自分の名言を一つは残しませんか、しかし考えると意外と難しい。そんな時に名言チェッカーならあなたの本当の性格を見抜けちゃいます。世界の偉人達が残した名言にはどことなく重みがあるものです

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  • 第77回 日本ダービー 2010 予想、オッズ、厳選買い目は?人気が平然と馬券に絡む理由とは!?見事に展開を読んで結果を的中させる

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  • エロセレブとの出会いを完全無料でご提供します。逆援助で高額報酬をゲットしよう

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  • モバゲータウンでいろんな異性と交流を深めあいませんか。異性に対して経験がない方でも簡単にお楽しみいただける、シンプルかつ効率的に優れているサイトとなっています

    By Anonymous モバゲー, at 12:38 pm  

  • 全世界で大ブームを巻き起こしているツイッター!!それを利用して今まで経験したことがないような恋を経験してみませんか

    By Anonymous ツイッター, at 1:08 pm  

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