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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Major influence

A while back (April 20) I already mentioned that Robert Cray was one of the great reformers of the US Blues scene during the '80. So perhaps it's time to post some more of his recordings. So today I offer Bad Influence.
Although this is his second album, it is the first album for Mercury Records, with which he signed in 1982. This album itself dates from 1983. This leaves us with the fact that Wikipedia is dead wrong dating this album 1982! The original record, the CD I ripped this off and the official Robert Cray website all have 1983 for this album. However, the CD I'm holding has 1985 as year as well. The answer is simple. The CD is the 1985 CD re-issue of the original record from 1983, with 2 bonus tracks: I got loaded and Share what you've got, keep what you need. This last song is a beautiful Booker T Jones ans Steve Cropper composition. (I told you I'm a great Steve Cropper fan).
Interesting is to read how Robert Cray is 'sold' to the people. Remember that in 1983 he was unknown to the great public. The text with this album is 'stuffed' with names in order to place Robert Cray. Fun is to read that John Belushi, the man said to have spotted Robert Cray, partly based the Blues Brothers act on Robert Cray's Blues and Soul style.

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