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Monday, July 31, 2006

The agency

Although there are three fine other musicians in this band (Graham Bell: rhythm guitar and harmonica, Jeff Allen: drums and Kuma Harada: Bass) the Snowy White's Blues Agency is of course named after the lead guitarist Snowy White. The strange thing is that Snowy White is generally best known for his hit Bird of Paradise, his close association with Pink Floyd of his time with Thin Lizzy, but he originates from the Blues. So after quite a few years in pop Snowy founded, together with his mate Kuma, this Blues band.
If you look into Snowy's biography it's not surprising. Ever since 1974 Snowy has been playing with Peter Green, with as highlight in 1979 the album In the Skies.

In order to write these blogs I mostly read up on these guys. To my amazement I read that Snowy actually did some studio work for the Pink Floyd album Animals. But what......? I listened (again) to this album a few times, but couldn't figure it out. Until.... I found the answer on the internet. Apparently Snowy's solo was only published on the US version of the 8-track release!
Anyway.....Snowy is a gifted Blues player who regards the Blues as the bases for all his work. As far as I know the Snowy White's Blues Agency has made two albums, of which this is the first! Listen and regret with me that it were only two albums!

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